South-western Kenya is home to the most magnificent game reserve in Africa, the Masai Mara National Reserve, but there's more to this fascinating country than just the Big Five.

Kenya's Rift Valley region slashes right through the country and contains most of its great lakes. Visitors wanting to get a true taste of rural Kenya should embark o­n a Rift Valley safari and visit Lake Nukuru's birdwatching paradise or Lake Naivasha's famous resorts. Coastal Kenya is home to the beautiful port of Mombasa, which is East Africa's oldest city, and the Tsavo West National Park, where ancient historial sites date back 6,000 years.

Nairobi is Kenya's capital and is a fine dining and nightclubbing oasis in the desert of Kenya's rural African veldt. It is the fastest growing city in the country and is known for being home to the Karen Blixen Museum and the Nairobi National Park. Both the Aberdare National Park and the Mount Kenya National Park lie in Kenya's Central Region. Aberdare visitors can glimpse the rare bongo and golden cat, if they're lucky, while Mount Kenya invites climbers to attempt its 17,057ft high Batian Summit.

Nature of Kenya
Lake Magadi
Nyanza Province languishes o­n Lake Victoria's shores and is currently celebrating the fact that o­ne of its sons is father to American President Barack Obama. Eastern Kenya stretches from the Kenya/Ethiopia border until south of Nairobi and contains the Tsavo East National Park, the Marsabit Nature Reserve and the Meru National Park. Meru is famous for being the final resting place of the lioness Elsa of Born Free fame.

North-eastern and Western Kenya complete the country, with the latter being home to the Kakamega Rain Forest and the imposing Mount Elgon.