The Maldives: The Paradise of Paradise

Filitheyo Island
Kuda Bandos Island
Referred to as “The Maldives” by the English and Americans, this chain of nearly 1200 islands, also known as the Maldive Islands, is paradise among paradise. Located o­n the equator, less than 250 of the islands are populated, with year-round temperatures between 29 and 32 Celsius, more than 80 of these exist solely as luxury resorts. The rich culture of these islands is centered around living o­n and subsisting from the sea. Having been visited by travelers for three millennia, the Maldivian people evolved from many cultures, including, but not limited to, Africa, Asia and Polynesia.

Filitheyo Beach
Known for its clear, warm waters, the Maldives is a Mecca for scuba enthusiasts. Also a top honeymoon destination, there is more to this heaven o­n Earth. The choices in accommodation seem endless. Travelers may choose their own villa o­n the beach with hot tub o­n your own private patio. Or choose a cottage o­n the wharfs above a coral atoll where you will fall asleep at night to the gentle sound of the sea and enjoy breakfast from your own deck, suspended above the turquoise waters each morning.

No matter where you drop your anchor among the atolls and islands of this lovely paradise, the trip to suit your needs is here. From intimate getaways, family vacations, a holiday full of water sports, or spa health and wellness programs, (try yoga over the water), the Maldives has it.

The most difficult part of this trip will be choosing what you want to do.