Exquisite Getaways in Malta

St. Julians
If you love the flavor of Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy sun swept days spent browsing through charming villages, the southern European country of Malta may be the getaway of your dreams. Combining ancient charm with modern amenities, Malta proves again and again to be a haven for tourists looking for off-the-beaten-path destinations. A windswept and warm island, Malta is saturated in religious history, past shipwrecks, tales of pirates, and is full of heritage.

After a long day spent wading through the enticing waters of the immaculate beaches, you’ll relax as you savor the exquisite Maltese cuisine rich with Italian influence as well as delectable seafood. Dip your tender lobster into mouthwatering butter and enjoy a cold white wine as you relax in an Adirondack lounger and watch the sun set over the horizon. You’ll be able to imagine the pirates of the past sweeping by o­n their fleet of stolen loot. Few other destinations set the mind and imagination free as Malta has a habit of doing with its guests.

Blue Lagoon
Thick with tradition and manners, the island of Malta will treat you not as a tourist, but as a welcome guest. As you enjoy the sun drenched beaches of Gozo, you’ll take in the unmatched beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Further north rests Ghadira Bay with its crashing waves and natural, rugged appeal.

Ramla Bay, Gozo
If you require some water sport adventure, you’ll thrive o­n the parasailing and sail boating offered along the beaches of Malta. In the western region of Malta, you’ll find a chance to relax in luxury accommodations as you dream the day away under the warm Mediterranean winds.