Guided tours to Morocco

Exotic Morocco is a fabulous destination for adventure lovers of all types. This geographically unique country boasts excellent beaches along its Atlantic Coast, high mountains in central Marokko, and a rugged cliffy coastline along the Mediterranean.
Along the Atlantic Coast, you will find the gorgeous beach paradise of Essaouira.

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An excellent destination for families, Essaouira's friendly beaches are also excellent for kite surfing and wind surfing. Visit l'Atelier Madada and learn how to cook a traditional Marokkan meal. o­nce you get home, you will be especially glad you took o­ne of these half-day workshops. Essaouira also is famous for its natural seawater spa treatments that rejuvenate both mind and body. Sunsets in Essaouira are stunning with the Purple Islands just offshore creating a dramatic silhouette. And, if you come during the right time of the year, you will be able to go to the Gnawas and World Music Festival that is held every year in Essaouira.
When you are in Marokko, you have to visit Marrakesh, the largest city in Marokko as far as tourism goes. Traditional practices keep Marokko exotic; even though the camel caravans of the past are long gone, you can still find snake charmers sitting outside of palaces in Marrakesh. While you are there, be sure to have the experience of visiting the marketplaces where enthusiastic sellers work their hardest to give you a 'deal.' Afterwards, wind down by visiting the traditional Moroccan bathhouse known as Riad Mehdi. And finally, Marrakesh borders the Atlas Mountains, which are an excellent destination if you love trekking. Spend a day hiking through the mountains and you are sure to pass by mosques, tombs, souks, baths, palaces and villages.