Sunny Portugal

Portugal is a sun lover’s paradise since Portugal enjoys over 300 days of sunny skies a year. What better way to enjoy those sun drenched days than to spend them o­n a beach. Portugal, including its islands, boasts over 1114 miles (1793 km) of beach front property, which is covered with lovely, clean, sandy beaches.

The Algarve region is located o­n the southern coast of Portugal. The beaches are surrounded by high cliffs and rock formations. o­ne famous cove beach is at Lagos, a walled seaside village. Portimao also boasts spectacular beaches.

The Estoril coast or Portuguese Rivera is the coastline west of Lisbon, the capitol of Portugal. Two famous resorts are Estoril and Cascais. This is a popular destination for Northern Europeans.

North of Lisbon in Central Portugal is the open Atlantic beaches in the Beiras Region. Long beaches with dunes and colorful villages make this a relaxing vacation retreat, and it is possible to find quiet and secluded beaches along this part of Portugal’s coastline.

The Costa Verde region beaches are popular in the summer because this region is cooler than its southern neighbors. It also has glorious sandy beaches and plenty of recreational opportunities. Popular beaches are found at Espinho, Povoa do Varzim and Ofir.

Fria Beach
In addition Portugal also offers many superb historical and cultural opportunities throughout the country. There are ancient fishing villages and lovely medieval castles. Portugal’s cultural center is its capital, Lisbon. Legend says that Ulysses founded Lisbon, and it is filled with lovely ancient Moorish buildings and cobbled streets in its old town. The Tower of Belem and the white marble Hieronymite Monastery, which have very unique architecture, are landmarks.