Sandy deserts and sandier beaches in Tunesia

Whether you're looking to spend an exotic vacation by the beach or explore some of the world's most ancient and historic cities, Tunesia can provide you with all the excitement and entertainment you could hope for. Located o­n the Mediterranean Sea, Africa's northernmost country provides a blend of natural beauty and civilization rich in culture. The country's beaches are white and sandy, and its cities are filled with just the right amount of welcoming charm.

Desert Dunes
What makes Tunesia such a unique vacation spot is its natural climate. Just less than half the country is made up of the Sahara's sands, which, while beautiful, can be a difficult area to explore. But this can become a reality with the help of a private camel ride. And those seeking to avoid the desert climate can travel out to the coast and spend time in Sousse or Hammamet, cities with some of the country's most popular beaches. The smaller towns of El Hawaria and Menzel Temime provide a few hidden gems as well, for those looking to spend their time by the water in a more secluded setting. And with a variety of seaside resorts all over the country's coastline, visitors will have their pick as to just how bustling or private they want their trip to be.

Beach in Sousse
Hammam Beach
Plenty of entertainment is offered in Tunesia as well. The aforementioned cities of Sousse and Hammamet feature rich nightlife including casinos and a variety of restaurants, and great public transportation is available for those staying in or near the city.

There's something for everyone in Tunesia. With rolling deserts, ancient cities, and gorgeous beaches, this beautiful country is a sight to behold.