Holidays in Turkey

The beautiful and historic country of Turkey is a favorite destination for vacationers. Here are some hints o­n what you might want to do and see o­n your trip there.

Topkapi Palace
New Mosque Istanbul
Most visitors begin their vacation in the city of Istanbul, where you can visit Topkapi Palace -- home of the treasures of the Ottoman sultans -- and the ancient Hagia Sophia, formerly a church and mosque, but now a museum. Istanbul also has many awe-inspiring mosques to explore, with Sultanahmet and the Blue Mosque being the most famous. Be sure to take a ferry cruise o­n the Bosporus at night to see the city all lit up, but be wary of carpet sellers -- as lovely as Turkish carpets are, visiting a carpet shop means subjecting yourself to a polite but high-pressure sales pitch.

Cebeci Sahil
Turkey's best beaches are o­n the Mediterranean coast. Bodrum is probably the most popular (and crowded!) resort town, with plenty of options for swimming, sports, and exploring during the day, and dining and discos at night. If you want to go somewhere less busy, Pamucak (which is also near the ancient and well-preserved Greek ruins at Ephesus) or the white-sand beach at Patara are good alternate choices.

If you're looking for a more unusual experience, go deeper into Central Turkey and visit the Cappadocia region. There, you'll find unusual rock formations like nowhere else o­n Earth. Cappadocia's valleys are filled with weird and beautiful stone spires that have been compared to fairy castles. Some of these have even been carved into underground cave cities by primitive humans. Visit Cappadocia and you'll see many strange and unforgettable sights.