Take a Guided tour to the USA                     

The United States of America is a great destination for your next holiday. The USA is so big and vast, that it can accommodate almost any trip that you have in mind.
Perhaps you want to see the big city? Consider New York City, which has been called the modern day Rome, and is the financial and cultural capital of the world. Get lost wandering through Manhattan, o­ne of the most densely populated regions in the world.
Perhaps you'd like to experience the beautiful weather of Southern California. Visit Hollywood, where all the American movies are made, and take tours o­n the movie sets. Or perhaps you'd just like to relax and soak up the sun? Visit some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world, like Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach.

Maybe you're the more historical or intellectual type? Perhaps you could visit Boston, the unofficial capital of New England, and what some people have called the intellectual capital of the world. Take a tour of and grab an American hot dog in Harvard Square. Visit Boston Commons, the oldest park in America. Learn the history of the American Revolution in world class museums.

Head to Florida, for the most magical experience of your life. Millions of people visit Walt Disney World every year in Orlando, Florida. Then you can head down and party o­n Miami Beach.

No matter what destination you choose, your visit to the United States is sure to be o­ne that you'll never forget.